My name is Eric Bauer, and I am a 8th grade student at Madison Central Montessori School in Madison Wisconsin. For Christmas, one of the things my mother always gives me is books. One of the books she got me this year was Godless, by Pete Hautman. I read it right away, plowing through this fantastic book in a day. I read a lot, and I particularly enjoy distopian novels, and although this is not exactly distopian, I can proudly say it is one of the best books I have ever read. It if fairly easy to read, has a very interesting topic, makes you think, and is VERY well written. I applaud Mr. Hautman on his great effort in this book, and highly encourage you to read this book! Anyway, our class does a series of projects each year, and for one of them half the class is learning about the connections between religion and politics, particularly about those in the middle east. I am very interested in those topics, and in politics and religion themselves, but I had just reread this awesome book, and I said, Hey, I'm going to do my project on this book and tolerance. Tolerance is a very important thing. It means to be able to acknowledge and then respect the fact that people are different. It also acknowledges the fact that no matter how hard you try, you cannot change someone else. You can however, try and change yourself to become more tolerant of the fact that they are different from you, or have different beliefs. This includes religious tolerance, and for my project I taught a lesson on religious tolerance to my classmates, using this fantastic book as an example. I encourage you to read this book and to do some of the great activities that Pete Hautman has provided in the back of the book, and to try and think about how you can change yourself to become more tolerant of people with other beliefs, whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, or in this case Chutengodian. Eric Bauer (on a side note, I consider myself an Atheist)

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